“BE A LEARNER, TO BE A LEADER.” – Building Leadership Skills.

How to Build Leadership Skills?


Few people are born as leaders. Most of us need to practice to be a good leader, and that’s why leadership development is so important. The most relevant skill sets of Fobza Jobs will help you to become a successful leader.

Leadership is a long-distance run. Keeping our team motivated is necessary to reach our goals. Finding a way to motivate yourself and convey that mood to your team is key to move forward. Note down these tips of  Fobza Jobs to strengthen your self-motivation, inspire others and improve your leadership skills.

Take a Leadership Personality Test:

First things are first, take a minute and spend some time thinking about how you behave under hard situations. What is your preferred leadership style? Do you ask others for their opinions? Do you tell everyone what to do and how you expect them to do it? Do you lead from the front? Do you worry about where your team is headed and whether there is a clear vision ahead? You will gain great insight into your preferred style of leadership by taking a few minutes to intellectually think about these questions.

Unsure what your tendencies are? Take a quiz! There are many leadership-style quizzes in online. This test will determine your leadership personality, and it will also identify how you can improve your abilities and build on your specific strengths. 

Get Inspired:

True motivation is inside oneself. Find what it is that inspires you, imagine your goals. If you are not motivated, you won’t be able to lead your team.

Inspire Others:

Being a leader means you are part of a team, and as a leader you should be able to motivate and inspire those you work with to collaborate as best they can. When a team member needs encouragement or guidance, offer it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen and be sympathetic.

Learn to Follow:

A true leader has no problem allowing control to another person when appropriate. You should not feel threatened when someone disagrees with you, questions your thinking, or puts forth ideas of their own. Keep an open mind and give merit where merit is due. It won’t always be easy, but if you learn to value and respect others on your team, they’ll be more likely to step up to the plate for you.

Have a Clear Vision:

Take the time to share your vision, your mission and your goals with your team. Your job as a leader is to provide a clear path that your team can follow. Your team also must understand why the goals you have set are valuable to them. Take the time to explain to them, in detail, why and how your vision will not only improve the business, but how it will benefit them in return. Include your team in your strategic planning sessions, ask for feedback and get them to “accept” your vision for the future of the company.

Be Passionate:

This is one of the most important leadership skills. Would you look to someone for guidance and leadership if they did not truly care about the goals of the group? Of course not! Great leaders are not just focused on getting group members to finish tasks; they have a positive dedication and interest for the projects they work on. Start by thinking of different ways that you can express your determination. Let people know that you care about their progress. When one person shares something with the rest of the group, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate such contributions.

Improve Your Communication Skills:

Having great leadership skills includes your being able to clearly and clearly communicate your vision, goals, skills, intentions, and expectations to others. This also includes your ability to listen to what other people are consciously or unconsciously communicating. To become a great communicator, continually strive to improve your verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills.

Practice Discipline:

A good leader needs discipline. Developing discipline in your professional (and personal) life is a must in order to be an effective leader, and to inspire others to be disciplined as well. People will judge your capacity by the amount of discipline you display at work. Demonstrate discipline at work by always meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and ending meetings on time. If you are naturally confused, then you may have your work cut out for you, but you can always start small;  try implementing good habits at home, like waking up early and getting daily exercise, and work your way up from there.

Empower Your Teammates:

No one is the best at everything, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can learn to be a good leader. Delegating tasks to others not only frees you up for things you do well, it also empowers other people on your team.

Be Willing to Admit and Learn from Failures and Weaknesses:

Face it – No one is perfect, and everyone has made a mistake in their lives! The most successful leaders know that the key to success is not avoiding falling or failing, but to learn from their mistakes. As a strong leader, you will also be able to communicate your weaknesses to your team, so that you and your team can appoint someone who shines at that particular task or activity.

Well Disciplined:

Being disciplined is a compulsory quality which makes you a great leader. Though you dominate good ideas and good vision, without discipline it’s ineffective. Discipline is perfect quality, which helps you execute your plan effectively. Be self-disciplined and also educate others on your team to be disciplined, which in turn enhances your leadership skills.

Try New Ideas:

For people who are trying to improve their leadership skills perfect should look forward to their follower’s feedback as it is important and also an inspiration. Look out for ideas which were effective in the past and also be alert and search out for new ways to activate, encourage and reward group members. Try new ways of handling tasks and work for its success. This is also an effective way to develop your leadership skills.

Expand Your Network:

It’s not a coincidence that great leaders have influential and far-reaching networks. Get to know the employees and organizations that make up your industry by attending seminars,  conferences and workshops. Develop a solid understanding of the market by consuming relevant news,  information and knowing industry-specific language. Then, establish yourself as a leader by writing and publishing articles on industry issues, promoting the work of your colleagues and organization, and being willing to take risks and unique approaches to industry challenges.

Never Stop Learning:

Participate in online forums, read newspapers, watch TED Talks and dissect reports. Consume, consume, consume. What makes a good leader is their ability to find learning opportunities in the most abstract places, including from junior employees and very different industries. By committing to lifelong learning, you will find people to be inspired by, but also new leadership techniques and strategies to test out in your own workplace.

Lead By Example:

Last, but certainly not least; lead by examples. Model the leadership skills employees need to adopt in order to become great leaders, professionalism, transparency, confidence, commitment and respect. Employees look to their employers for answers, so leaders should aim to continuously model what it is to be a successful, positive model in the workplace.

Becoming a good leader takes time and efforts. With strong determination you can improve your leadership skills and work wellness with others to achieve your vision and shared goals.

Good leadership skills are essential to career development. “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority,” said Ken Blanchard.  And so, to improve your leadership skills, think about what actions you can take to be more influential.

Fobza Jobs hopes that you now are Inspired to achieve your highest potentials as a leader in both, your career and your personal life.

May you Flourish, Prosper and Succeed as you build your Leadership Skills.

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