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How FOBZA Jobs Portal Works

FOBZA Jobs Would Help To Connect The Employers & Candidates Together
1. Post your job in 5 minutes
FOBZA JOBS is an online job portal initiated by FOBZA.COM. Understanding the currrent challenges faced by both job seekers & employers, we have initiated this digital platform to cater the requirements of both  job-seekers & employers. We hope this website would serve that purpose well.
2. Manage your candidates
You’ll receive applications via email. You can also manage jobs and candidates from your dashboard.
Review applications, schedule interviews and view recommended candidates all from one place.
3. Find the right fit
Update your job description or budget any time to drive more people to your jobs and convert them to apply.
Attract best-fit talent with your free Company Page, or find the exact candidates you need by searching CVs.


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