1. What is the meaning of FOBZA?

FOBZA is an abbreviation of the sentence Find Out the Best Zeals Around. Its tagline introduces FOBZA as a “Companion for your convenience”

2. What is Fobza Jobs?
3. How do I register on jobs.fobza.com?
4. Is registration on the Jobs.fobza.com free?
5. How does the Jobs.fobza.com work for job seekers?
6. What can I do so that multiple employers will contact me?
7. I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
8. When/how can I make changes to my Job Application?
9. How can I check the status or view my application?
10. How do I apply for positions?
11. I missed the deadline - can I still apply?
12. Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
13. Do I need to apply online if I am only interested in temporary positions?
14. Is Fobza Jobs an Employment Agency or Recruiting Service?
15. Can I upgrade / edit my Fobza Jobs account?
16. Will I need to download any software to use Fobza Jobs?
17. Does Fobza Jobs guarantee that I’ll get hired or the employers will find the right candidates?
18. Can I apply for a job through Fobza Jobs if I don’t have an Email Address?
19. How can I delete my account?
20. How do I keep my account protected?
21. For how long will my posted jobs remain advertised the site?
22. How can I Post A Job on jobs.fobza.com?
23. How do I add additional Email ids? Can I get Job Applications at a different Email ID?
24. Why is it important to upload a Resume / CV?
25. How the Profiles of the Candidates are listed?
26. What types of Profiles do you have?
27. How does the Recruitment takes place? How to deal with any disputes?
28. What is the Process of Interview?
29. Does Fobza Jobs publish International Job Opportunities?
30. Can Fobza Jobs be held responsible for misleading profiles or information on this site?
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