Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Recruitment

Why should I use Staffing Agency for recruitment? This a very common question arise in the minds of the employers as they have a misunderstanding that they need to pay a huge amount of money to hiring agency for the services offered.

Here is our small effort to let you know about the benefits of using the staffing agency for the recruitment process. Hope this would help you in getting some idea for your next hiring.

Hiring new employees is time consuming and expensive, and these costs increase if you make a bad hire. No matter your company’s size, engaging the services of a staffing agency may be just what you need to help achieve your  goals. And if you choose a firm that specializes in the field where you’re looking for talent, recruiting agencies can also increase your chances of getting the right employee on the first try.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary, part-time or full-time employee,  A top-ranked staffing agency  helps you to find the best candidates, advises you on staffing through the inevitable ups and downs in your business, and serves as your long-term partner for recruiting and hiring. The most valuable staffing services are proactive in seeking candidates in your area.

  • Time: By viewing hundreds of resumes, qualifying candidates, screening background checks, etc. you will invest a lot of time for recruitment process. In business, time is money and using a Recruitment Agency is a time saver. They will save your time because they take care of the beginning steps of the hiring process. If you post a job opening on traditional job portals, there are more chance you will receive hundreds of resumes and applications for any single position. Out of the hundreds of applicants, a significant amount will not be qualified or will not be eligible for the job. Hiring the right applicants to interview will take a great amount of time and effort.
  • Money: By completing the work the client would have had to pay an in-house employee to perform. They also execute it in less time and with better results. Your hiring, recruiting, and screening processes will be more efficient than ever so you can also ditch the added expenses of hiring. And when you’re hiring temporary staff, you can convert your fixed costs of permanent staff to the variable costs of using a flexible workforce, so you’re not paying overtime and you’re not paying workers when you don’t need them.
  • Screening process: The screening process when hiring has several layers. You need to run background checks on potential employees, follow up with references and conduct preliminary interviews to make sure the candidate matches the promises they make on their resumes. Again, these are vital steps that just take up time when you are conducting them on your own. A Recruitment Agency will see to it that these steps are taken care of before you meet anyone for your own interviews. You will feel assured that anyone you meet has already passed these tests.
  • Peace Of Mind: A good Recruitment Agency is going to have a proven track record of finding the right employees for the job. When you meet with their narrowed down choices, you can feel more confident with your final hiring decision. Working with a Recruitment Agency will help you make a more assured decision.
  • Relationship: Once you have developed a relationship with a Recruitment Agency that you trust, your future hiring will go even more easily. The Agency will be aware of the qualities that it takes to make the right fit within your company and what you expect from them. The next time you have an available position, you can fill it quickly and satisfactorily.
  • Access To The Best: In addition to sorting through submitted applications, a Recruitment Agency will also have access to the best talent available. This includes access to talent that is currently employed elsewhere. These qualified individuals can work discreetly with a recruitment agency when they are looking for a new challenge and opportunity. Recruitment Agencies have their own database of qualified applicants that they can pull directly from.
  • Better Talent, More Talent: With your help, your staffing agency can create an ideal candidate profile and find you the perfect candidates that match your needs. These firms have access to bigger talent pools and know exactly where to find active and passive candidates in your industry. You’ll never have to settle for the best of the worst again. You’ll have your pick of the litter, so to speak.
  • Reduced Risk: When you put in the time, effort, and money to recruit and hire on your own, you risk hiring the wrong person and having to do it all over again at additional costs. When you use temp-to-hire services, you also get to test out your new employees before making the commitment to hire them full time. Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates.
  • Added Flexibility: Many businesses use a contingent workforce because of the added flexibility. When you hire temps from a staffing firm, you can ramp up production or slow it to a halt whenever you need to. You can have extra hands when you need them—for maternity leaves, sick leaves, vacation time, seasonal work, or unexpected surges in business – but you don’t have to commit to paying these workers once the work slows down again. You won’t have to deal with layoffs and downsizing, either.
  • Providing The Required Skills And Guidance: Recruitment agencies have well-seasoned and also experienced recruiters. They know the recent trends and changes of the market and they also know how to select the required employee from a whole group of different people, based on the criteria set by the company. Recruitment provides guidelines and tips on how to prepare the CV and also, how to do well in the interview and also, they give training in how to attend the interview with confidence and related training and guidance.
  • Tap Agency Resources: If the staffing agency provides training to its registered candidates, encourage your employees to make use of them. This training ensures you get a capable  worker  with a wide-reaching skill set and industry specialization. The professionals can augment their on-the-job skills for free, and that benefits everyone involved. New blood in the office can infuse new ideas and outlooks. An interim professional brought in for skills not available internally can impart a degree of specialized knowledge to full-time staff as he or she goes about the job.

By working with a staffing agency, you can achieve your business goals and find the ideal staff for your organization and save time and money in the process.

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