Difference between Curriculum Vitae, Resume and Bio data.

Difference between Curriculum Vitae, Resume and Bio data

Most of the candidates use the words RESUME, C.V, and BIO-DATA interchangeably for the document highlighting skills, education, and experience that a candidates submits when applying for a job, thinking that all the three are same. But in reality there are intricate differences, Here FOBZA JOBS will helps you to find out the best platform for your potentials.


Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word, which means “course of life”. Therefore, curriculum vitae is a regular course of study that relates to your education and life. It is more detailed than a resume containing 2 – 3 pages, but the pages may increase as per your requirement.  A Curriculum Vitae lists out every skill, all the jobs and positions held, degrees, professional affiliations the applicant has acquired, in chronological order. A Curriculum Vitae is used to highlight the general talent of the candidate rather than specific skills for a specific position.


A resume is a French word which means “summary”.  It signifies a summary of one’s education, skills and employment Education, skills & employment summarized together, which are used in applying for a new position. A resume is an outline of what you are and does not list down all the details of a profile, but showcases specific skills customized to the targeted jobs. It thus, is usually 1 or at the max 2 pages long.  A resume is broken in bullets and written in third person to appear objective and formal. Use proper English with good vocabulary while writing your resume.

Structure : A good resume would start with a Brief Profile of the candidate, Summary of Qualifications, followed by Industry Expertise and then Professional Experience in reverse chronological order. Focus is on the most recent experiences (with responsibilities and accomplishments), and previous experiences are only presented as a summary. This would be followed by Education details and/or Professional Affiliations and/or Voluntary Initiatives.

It is always a good idea to get your resume prepared by experts. It is easy for them to identify the best in you, and is expertise to construct a resume which highlights the best in you. Usually details about a person are broken into bullets & written in the third person to appear objective and formal. Focus is always to have the best in you showcased and easily readable. Interviewer doesn’t spend more than 30 seconds to select or reject a resume.


Bio Data is the short form for Biographical Data and is an archaic terminology for Resume or C.V. In a bio data, the focus is on personal particulars like date of birth, gender, religion, race, nationality, residence, marital status, and the likes. A chronological listing of education and experience comes after that.

To summarize

  • Curriculum Vitae on the other hand should be the preferred option for fresh graduates or people looking for a career change. It could also be used by people applying for academic positions.
  • Resume would be ideally suited when experienced people apply for specific positions where certain specific skills are more important than education.
  • The term bio-data is mostly used in India when people apply for government jobs or for research grants where one has to submit descriptive essays. Bio-data is not common in the international markets where personal information like age, gender, religion are not required to be submitted by candidates.

When you Begin with the right platform for your potentials is where your career is chosen, FOBZA JOBS will guide you for the best.

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